About Me

Proud Husband of Shari, Proud Father of Kyle & Danielle. I was born and raised in Flint and graduated from Flint Northern High School.  I went on to earn an undergraduate degree from Michigan State University, and graduate degrees from MSU and Spring Arbor University.

I’ve worked primarily in healthcare, education, sales & marketing, and currently in healthcare supply chain management. In my “away from work” time, I’d rather be playing than watching; cycling, boating, rollerblading, downhill skiing, swimming… if it involves physical activity I’m usually in. Unless of course I’m home, sitting back and listening to my music collection of CD’s, tapes and mostly albums (yes albums) that takes up an entire wall.

While I probably tend to be more Conservative than not, I aspire to be a common sense member of The Reasonableness Party.  For many years, I often felt as though I was a Party of one, but lately, it seems like there might be more of us around than I originally thought, and I hope that’s a good thing for all of us.

Thank you for taking time to visit, and please click on the Contact button and say hello.  At last count over 12,000 of you have dropped in during the the past few years, and  I’ve sincerely enjoyed re-connecting with old friends, and also making new ones along the way.

Thanks again,


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