Never Again

The time is now, the challenge is ours, and the reason is Never Again!

We are indeed in an unprecedented time.  But as we focus on managing the present, and immediate future, let’s also start preparing for the not-to-distant future of The United States of America.

This will end, and when it does, I think the USA should undertake the greatest industrial initiative in the history of our great country.  Each day we are being reminded of needed items that we lack in adequate numbers, such as essential medical equipment, prescription drugs, lab testing equipment and supplies, personal protective equipment and supplies, etc.  Let’s decide as a nation that we are going to bring the development and manufacture of all of those things home.  Let our oversees friends make things like clothing, furniture, even phones.  But Never Again should we rely on anyone but each other to have everything we need for our health and safety.

The argument in the past has been that these things can be manufactured elsewhere for less cost, and there is truth to that.  Without a doubt, making these essential things here at home may be a bit more expensive, but the overall cost will be nothing like we are experiencing right now.  In addition, think of the peace of mind that every American citizen would have knowing that we can absolutely, positively take care of ourselves the next time this happens, because it IS going to happen again.

One of our founding principles was independence.  Well it is time for America to be independent again.  We have already demonstrated that we can achieve record low unemployment across all of our American demographics.  Just imagine what a motivated American labor force can achieve in response to this, thinking every moment: Never Again.  Never Again will we worry if we can care for ourselves and loved ones.  Never Again will we dependent upon ANY other country, regardless of their culture or politics, regardless of whether they are an Ally or not.  Never Again will Americans feel the need to hoard, or spend three days of panic trying to prepare for unknown weeks of lockdown.  Never Again will we be ordered by politicians to cease our normal everyday behavior.  Never Again will we spend weeks, possibly months of fear, frustration and uncertainty.

Never Again.


Author: David Wilson

Born and raised in Flint, David Wilson now lives in Traverse City. He is a very proud husband (Shari), father / father-in-law (Kyle / Kayti, Danielle / Samuel), rider of Gitane, Specialized and A2 bicycles, Flint Northern Viking, Spring Arbor University Cougar, and former MSU Spartan.

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